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What is the maximum output current of a motor generator?
Author:wubaiyi Time:2016-06-06

What is the maximum output current of a motor generator?

Auto generator output maximum current is 100A.

Automobile generator is the main power supply of automobile, automobile generator manufacturers introduced its function is in the normal operation of the engine at idle speed above) to all electrical equipment (starter except) power supply, also to the battery charging.

The working principle of the integral alternator:

When the external circuit is energized by an electric brush, the excitation winding generates a magnetic field, which makes the claw pole to be magnetized to the N pole and the S pole. When the rotor rotates, the magnetic flux is changed in the stator winding. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the alternating current induction electromotive force can be generated in the three-phase winding of the stator. This is the generation principle of the alternator.

The synchronous generator is driven by the prime mover (i.e. engine) to drive the synchronous generator rotor, which is rotated by the rotating speed n (RPM). When the generator is connected with the electric load, the motor can be output by alternating current, and the rectifier bridge in the generator can convert the alternating current to the direct current from the output terminal.

The AC generator is divided into two parts, the stator winding and the rotor winding, and the three-phase stator windings are distributed on the shell according to the difference of 120 degree electric angles between each other. When the rotor winding is connected to the DC power, it is excited, and the two pole claw forms the N pole and the S pole. Magnetic pole starting from N, through the air gap into the stator core to the adjacent S. Rotor once rotated, the rotor winding will cuts the magnetic lines of force and mutual difference of 120 electrical degrees of sinusoidal EMF in stator windings, the three-phase alternating current, again through the diode rectifier changed to DC output.

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