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Automobile generator manufacturers to teach you how to select the generator
Author:wubaiyi Time:2016-06-06

On the market, the various brands, models of diesel generator set has dozens of, the customer in selection of diesel generator syndrome and understand the performance of each generating unit, and each manufacturer's actual situation, in the choice of diesel generating set, pay attention to the following points, ensure you buy Generators by them at ease!

A: "three certificates" to complete. A qualified generator set should have the production license, product qualification certificate. Where the product qualification certificate should include the entire unit of the qualified certificate, internal combustion engine certification and generator certificate. If you find a generator certificate and nameplate number does not match, we should pay attention to whether it is to be assembled.

Two: machine noise is low. When consumers buy Generators, vendors will be on the spot test machine, then you can listen to good - good brand generators, noise is relatively small.

Three: to see whether the automobile generator manufacturers professional. Today, the business is good, many people also start generating units business. However, consumers have to go to the specialized generating units where to buy, so that more after-sales service to ensure that some. And those temporary guest generating unit sales person, one season will no longer sales units, to bring hidden dangers to the after-sales service, in this, I want to say, HuaQuan power generator set manufacturers can to provide satisfactory service for you.

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