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The structure principle of the generator is introduced.
Author:wubaiyi Time:2016-06-06

On the basis of the three-phase winding, the winding turns and leads to the connection head are increased, and a set of three-phase bridge rectifier is added. The low speed is connected in series with the output of the primary winding and the increasing of the winding, and the output of the original three-phase winding is only at a high speed. Work in high and low power supply circuit transformation is automatically, without adding any electrical control device, the working principle of the auto generator manufacturers analysis are as follows: in the low speed range, due to the low speed of the generator, three-phase windings of output series and improve the the output voltage of the generator, the generator speed charging performance is greatly improved. In the high speed range, with the increase of the rotational speed of the generator, on the inductive reactance of the winding of the three-phase then increases, increase in pressure drop, and armature reaction strengthen, output voltage decline. At this time, the original three-phase winding A, B, C due to the smaller pressure drop, resulting in a relatively large induced current, to ensure that the power output at high speed.

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